Reveal Your Property's True Potential

Reveal Your Property's True Potential

With a pre-renovation feasibility and condition assessment

Buying a fixer-upper for your new business or vacation home is a big investment; one that needs careful consideration and planning. At Vilardo Architecture, we offer feasibility and condition inspections to ensure your property can withstand major renovations. We'll check load-bearing walls, inspect the integrity of your foundation and ensure the renovations you want done will work in your new space.

Speak with our professionals today to schedule a feasibility and condition assessment before you buy.

Put your renovation stress to rest

Many homes and retail spaces in the southern Adirondack region are historic-style buildings with older electrical wiring and plumbing networks. This can make renovations more difficult. Vilardo Architecture will inspect your new property before you buy to ensure we can complete the renovations you want without ruining your building's structure.

Make sure you're making a wise investment. Contact us today for a pre-renovation feasibility and condition inspection.